The graduate programme consists of three training modules, which will be attended in parallel.


1. Disease Mechanisms

2. Molecular and Cellular therapies

3. Bio-innovation


The first module focuses on the practical and theoretical training of students in the design and implementation of research studies, characterization of molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying human diseases and in depth investigation of pathogenesis. The second module focuses on the methods employed for the development of targeted and personalized therapies, and will cover the development of small molecules, antibodies, nanoparticles, natural products, bioequivalence etc., for human disease treatment. Particular emphasis will be given to the use of modern technologies (next generation sequencing, advanced imaging, pharmacogenomics, meta-genomics etc.). The third module will focus on the translational value of research results from the laboratory to the clinic and business recognition of exploitable findings for further development into innovative products and services.



Main Programme Aims

The main objectives of the program is the practical and theoretical training of students in the aforementioned fields and their integration in productive and high quality research and innovation units and creation of a loamy environment for student interaction with experts from the Greek and International scientific and business community. The program aims to equip students with knowledge, expertise, way of thinking and professional networks for their rapid integration into the academic/professional research area of ​​their choice after graduation, and their active contribution towards the research potential of Greece.

The program aims to lay the foundation for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology through modern research directions and technologies and seeks to contribute significantly to research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece.

Who should apply - Prospects for graduates (business, education, doctorate, etc.)

The program prepares graduates:

1. To pursue academic guidance (Research Assistant, PhD, Postdoc),

2. To staff research infrastructures in Greece or abroad,

3. To work in research and development departments (R & D) pharmaceuticals companies

4. To establish deployed biotechnological knowledge-intensive companies.


This graduate program provides expertise through an intensive program with renowned scientists / teachers, graduates will be equipped to be able to claim and respond to the competitive position requirements in academic, clinical, and business area, Greece and abroad. They will be familiar with different working environments of the area of ​​biomedical research and entrepreneurship, and will be able to start scientific collaborations with long-term prospects in the academic, research or business field.



Course Overview

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