Main Program Aims


The scope of this program is to provide rigorous, world-class education in biomedical research and development. The program combines basic research knowledge and clinical practice in order to educate students on the investigation of the etiopathogenesis of human diseases and the discovery of new molecular and cellular therapies.


This intensive program is tought by experienced lecturers / distinguished scientists in their field of expertise, who will inspire and provide students with knowledge, expertise, way of thinking and professional networks for their rapid integration into the academic/professional research area of ​​their choice after graduation, and their active contribution towards the research potential of Greece and abroad.


Our aim is to lay the foundation for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology through modern research directions and technologies and to contribute significantly to research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece. 



Is this program for you?

If you would like to make a difference and make your mark on the future of Biomedical Research and Innovation, an MSc degree in Molecular Biomedicine might well be the obvious choice for you. The program format  is directed to problem solving and based on student-centred and research-based learning.



Career prospects for graduates - Who should apply?

The program prepares graduates to:

1. Pursue academic guidance (Research Assistant, PhD, Postdoc)

2. Staff research infrastructures in Greece or abroad

3. Work in research and development departments (R & D) pharmaceuticals companies

4. Establish deployed biotechnological knowledge-intensive companies



Prerequisits for M.Sc. degree acquisition (e.g. exams, project thesis, etc.)


The final marks are based on the:


  • Written exam results from attended courses

  • Results from the qualifying exams at the end of the second semester

  • Written projects from the first and second semester

  • Quality of seminar presentations

  • Overall Practical Grade (two quarter-practicals). This grade will be based on the overall performance from the two practicals (and will include: the original research proposal, the final scientific report, and overall performance during the Practicals)

  • M.Sc. Diploma Dissertation Grade

  • Final examination results comprising of the Diploma Disseartation Oral Presentation, a written research proposal for pursuing a potential PhD Thesis, and the Oral Presentation of two issues as defined by the Advisory Committee.



Program Duration and Fees


Degree: Master of Science

Program duration: 2 year (4 academic semesters) - Full time (100%) 
Study location: Athens, Greece 

Language: English


Course credits/ECTS: The M.Sc. program taught hours correspond to 120 ECTS total (which include 30 ECTS from lectures covering the three modules, 10 ECTS from Seminars/Journal clubs, 10 ECTS from projects through the course duration, 5 ECTS from horizontally sectioned lectures, meeting and/or workshops, 20 ECTS from the two practical rotations, 45 ECTS corresponding to the final M.Sc. dissertation.


Fees (per semester and total costs): €1,000 per academic semester (€4,000 total).


Upon successful completion of the M.Sc. program, students may pursue a Ph.D. program if their academic record in graduate studies is outstanding and they have made excellent progress in their research.

Course Overview

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