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2022: 5th MSc Students' Conference

Friday, 19 November 2022


MSc in Molecular Biomedicine - 5th Students' Workshop
MolBio 2022 5th annual MSc Conference: "Bridging the Gap between lab & industry"

The students of the 2021-2023 Class of the International MSc Molecular Biomedicine have organized the MolBio 2022 5th annual Conference, entitled "Bridging the Gap between lab & industry" on Thursday, December 15th 2022, at Serafio City of Athens (Pireos 144).

With about 250 registered participants the students' conference fulfilled all its promises.

Keynote lectures: Zoi Lygerou (Patras School of Medicine, Greece), Thales Y. Papagiannakopoulos (NYU Grossman School of Medicine, USA), Aris Economides (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, NY, USA) 

Invited speakersCharlotte Stadler (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden), Eliza E. Konofagou (Columbia University, NY, USA), George Skretas (BSRC Alexander Fleming, Greece), Georgios Garinis (Biology Department of Crete, IMBB, FORTH, Greece), Theodora Katsila (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece), Anna Eleonora Karagianni (Veterinary Department University of Edinburgh, Scotland), Elpinickie Ninou (Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Greece), Fivos Borbolis (Biology Department University of Padova, Italy), Rallia Velliou (Athens School of Medicine, Greece), Andreas Dimakakos (, Greece), Ioannis Katsarolis (Gilead Sciences Hellas, Greece), Maria C. Denis (Biomedcode, Greece), Stefanos Leptidis (Causaly, Greece).

Discussion panelMaria C. Denis (Biomedcode, Greece), George Skretas (BSRC Alexander Fleming, Greece), George Kollias (Athens School of Medicine, Greece), Aris Economides (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, NY, USA) 

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2022 MolBio Conference Poster


Hosts: MSc Class 2021-2023

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2022 MolBio Conference Final Program

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