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Program Related Documents

Below you can find and download our MSc Program related documents.

  • Download the MSc Curriculum & Syllabus

(PDF available in English)

  • Download the MSc Program Poster and Brochure

  • Download the MSc Announcement Call documents. 

  • Download the Official Publication of the MSc program in the Greek Gazette. 

(Publication in the Greek Gazette - ΦΕΚ)

  • Download the MSc Internal Regulation Operation Handbook

(available in Greek)

(available in English)

  • Download the Quality Assurance Policy of the MSc / Athens Medical School

(available in Greek)

  • Download the Quality Targeting of the Academic Unit for the MSc

(available in Greek)

  • Download the Results of the Internal Evaluation of the MSc

(available in Greek)

  • Download the Complaint Submission Form of the MSc

(available in English)

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