Extension of the M.Sc. to a Ph.D. Program

M.Sc. graduates with outstanding academic record and excellent progress in their research may transfer onto a Ph.D. program.


Towards the end of the 3rd semester the Executive Committee in collaboration with the mentors/supervisors, select students that have expressed interest and qualify to further pursue studies at doctorate level, and provide systematic guidance and support in this direction.


Students may be eligible to transfer from the M.Sc. Molecular Biomedicine program into a Doctoral program if they have:


  • Demonstrate high performance in M.Sc. examinations and dissertation thesis

  • Have clear evidence of research ability or potential



The University of Athens Medical School and BSRC Fleming Joint Doctoral program


Candidates admitted by the program committee to pursue the Joint Doctoral program (JDP) register at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School (Med-UoA) jointly with BSRC Alexander Fleming (Fleming) according to the following provisions and requirements:


  • Course requirements are met according to the JDP's specifications

  • The research work is to be conducted largely or exclusively at either of the two Signatories under the direct supervision of a Med-UoA or Fleming faculty member participating in the JDP.

  • Prior to the end of the first year of studies, and yearly thereafter the Student's progress is reviewed by the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC), which includes at least one member from each Signatory.

  • The Thesis Evaluation and Examination is conducted at Med-UoA according to the procedures of the Med-UoA.


Wherever appropriate and feasible, additional interaction and cooperation among faculty and students of the JDP  program, such as working visits, co-organisation of advanced training activities, joint funding applications, participation in lectures, seminars, courses and workshops or conferences, research collaborations, technology transfer are to be included as part of the candidates training.









Joint Doctoral Program Specific Implementation Procedures:


  1. Course is completed under the supervision of the JDP committee, who certifies its completion in writing. The research work is conducted largely or exclusively at one of the participating laboratories.

  2. Upon acceptance of the Ph.D. student into the JDP program, a 3-member Thesis Advisory Committee is appointed by the JDP Committee, which comprises of the supervisor and 2 JDP faculty members, who annually reviews the student’s progress and plans.

  3. Once the Thesis Advisory Committee evaluates that a satisfactory research project has been successfully completed, the Ph.D. candidate submits to the JDP Committee an “Application for the evaluation of the Ph.D. Thesis and Ph.D. Examination”. The application is copied by the JDP, together with a suggestion of a 7-member Thesis Evaluation and Examination Committee (Eptamelis Exetastiki Epitropi, 3E). The 3E consists of the Thesis Advisory Committee, and another 4 members of JDP faculty or other Universities. At least 3 members of the 3E should be at full professor rank according to Med-UoA requirements. 

  4. The Thesis examination and public presentation procedures are specified by the JDP Committee and are according to the regulations of the Med-UoA.

  5. Upon appointment of the 3E Committee, the student submits the written Ph.D. Thesis. An oral Ph.D. examination is held no earlier than 20 days after submission of the Ph.D. Thesis. Following the oral presentation, the 3E Committee decides on the Ph.D. Thesis quality. At least 5 votes from the committee are required for successful candidate assessment. Thereafter, the candidate proceeds with the Ph.D. Thesis corrections, as per the 3E Committe recommendations. The candidate attachs any of his/her scientific articles published throughout the duration of the Ph.D. Thesis research and submits 11 bound copies and one digital copy of his/her Ph.D. Thesis, to the JDP Committee. 

  6. The candidate presents the final oral presentation to an open audience.


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