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Program Description

Main Program Aims


This intensive program aims to place students in the forefront of modern biomedical research and to lay the foundation for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology. The program provides the opportunity to perform research in leading labs in the field, and offers innovative, multidisciplinary training, combining practical experience and theoretical knowledge in disease mechanisms, state-of-the-art technologies, animal modeling, clinical validation, large scale omics analysis, advanced imaging platforms, as well as complementary training in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.


Through a research intensive program, students will learn how to form and test hypotheses, get familiarised with past and current knowledge in the field, address biological questions using state-of-the-art methodologies, think critically and achieve relative independence.


The program provides state-of-the-art training towards deep mechanistic understanding of disease pathogenesis combined with a systemic, integrated view of pathophysiology and tools for the development of novel approaches for disease management, preparing students to pursue successful research careers in the new era of personalized medicine.



Is this program for you?

If you wish to:


  • Gain strong cross-disciplinary research backgrounds in disease modelling, translational and clinical research, bioinformatics, immunology, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, functional genomics, and epigenetics.

  • Develop expertise in cutting edge methodologies and research tools, including transgenic technologies (CRISPR-Cas9), NGS, proteomics, mouse phenotyping and advanced imaging.

  • Perform independent research across several disease areas and model systems to discover and validate novel targets for mechanistic understanding of disease and innovative drug development. 

  • Obtain a variety of transferable, complementary skills, which will enhance your career prospects in academic as well as non-academic routes.

  • Be exposed to the international scientific and industrial community.

  • Interact tightly with the private sector to gain training in drug development and evaluation platforms, biomarker development, and a deep insight into how fundamental discoveries and advances are translated to successful investments, thus fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. 

  • Acquire the ability to communicate with a professional environment, the scientific community or society in general about basic questions of science and science policy.


...then this program offers a unique opportunity for you.



Career prospects for graduates

Upon completion of the program, students will be fully equipped to tackle the future challenges of modern biology, its applications and implications, and to pursue successful careers in science, industry, health and public engagement sectors.


Specifically, students will be able to:

1. Pursue academic careers in top research labs (Research Assistant, PhD, Postdoc)

2. Join research infrastructures in Greece or abroad

3. Work in R&D departments in pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies

4. Establish their own innovative SME companies



Prerequisites for M.Sc. degree acquisition 


The final grades are based on the:

  • Written exam results from attended courses

  • Written projects from the first and second semester

  • Quality of seminar and journal club presentations

  • Overall Practical Grade (two quarter-practicals). This grade will be based on the overall performance from the two practicals (and will include the final scientific report, and overall performance during the Practicals)

  • M.Sc. Diploma Dissertation Grade

  • Final examination results comprising of the Diploma Dissertation Oral Presentation, a written research proposal for pursuing a potential PhD Thesis, and the Oral Presentation of two thematic topics as assigned by the Advisory Committee

Program Duration and Fees

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Program duration: 2 years (4 academic semesters) - Full time (100%) 
Study location: Athens, Greece 

Language: English


Course credits/ECTS: 120 ECTS 


Fees: €1,000 per academic semester 

Course Locations


Medical School - National & Kapodistrian University of Athens 

Department of Physiology, Medical School 

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

75 Mikras Asias Street

11527, Athens

Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming"
BSRC "Alexander Fleming"
34 Fleming Street
16672, Vari


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